Guard/Reserve On-Site Sales

Am I allowed to use coupons for products purchased online?

We are not able to accept coupons online at this time.

How do I pay for products ordered online?

You can pay for online orders using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

How does the Guard and Reserve On-Site Sale Program work?

The Defense Commissary Agency implemented the Guard and Reserve On-Site Sales Program to provide the commissary benefit to deserving Guard and Reserve members and their families who live in areas that are not close to an existing commissary. These sales provide patrons the same level of savings enjoyed by active duty military and their families who regularly shop brick and mortar commissaries. The host commissary works with Guard and Reserve units that have at least 150 troops assigned to them and selects items to offer for sale to these individuals during the event. On-site Sale customers will sometimes have the option at selected locations to pre-order and pre-pay for groceries online. Guard and Reserve sales where pre-orders are available can be found at Credit payments are completed online and the items are picked up at the designated on-site locations.

What if I find the product is damaged or outdated once I return home?

If you find a damaged item in your order at the sales event, locate a sales representative at the sale and your order will be adjusted. If you do not find the damage until you have returned home, you can contact the commissary that sponsored the sale.

What if I want to change order quantities or delete an order that I submitted online?

If you realize before the order window closes that you don't want the order, you can contact the store to have the order deleted. If, after the order has been finalized, you decide you don't want part of or the entire PO/PP order, the store will keep the merchandise and verify your contact information. Once the staff returns to the store, they will process the return with the aid and assistance of the credit card team. They will contact the credit card team to let them know exactly how much is to be refunded to your card. They will also give you the 800 number for the credit card team so you can follow-up with them (Judy Blair) as well.

When can I expect a true online shopping/payment/delivery service from the commissary?

The Defense Commissary Agency has been exploring just such an option. Because DeCA sells products to patrons at cost, there is no profit margin to fund the many costs that would be associated with providing an online shopping service. First and foremost, DeCA must ensure that product costs are affordable for its customers through an online service, and then the required additional labor costs and delivery charges must be weighed to determine if the service is providing a true benefit.

Why won't the system authorize me to enter the Guard and Reserve On-Site Sale System?

DeCA's DeCA's online order portal connects to the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to determine and authorize shopper eligibility. If you entered your information correctly on the log-in screen (retry using the exact format shown), you may need to visit the nearest Uniformed Services ID card facility to update your records. You can locate the nearest ID card facility, by visiting Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) RAPIDS at Call ahead for hours of operation and instructions.

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