Will my commissary participate in the UPromise program?

DeCA has explored UPromise and other similar services and each time we have found there is a cost we cannot incur.  DeCA is a non-profit Department of Defense agency that sells at cost and does not have the ability to generate funds that can be used to support the cost of installation of the program used for this worthwhile service.  With the exception of commissary equipment and construction, which is funded with the 5% surcharge collected from the patrons, all other operational costs are funded with appropriated funds.  Even the contributions to the Scholarships for Military Children program, which is sponsored by commissary manufacturers, must have clear humanitarian intentions, and not increase prices to commissary patrons.

Other retailers that offer this program are using profits made off the sale of the products to fund this service and the manufacturers are making a great deal more money off the purchase price of their products in the retail sector. 

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