Can customers use their gold MILITARY STAR card at the commissary?

Yes. However, if a customer is using a gold MILITARY STAR card, they could be missing out their rewards. Please ask them to visit their local exchange or call the Exchange Credit Program Customer Contact Center at 1-877-891-7827 to request a replacement card.

Are there any exclusions to what can be purchased on MILITARY STAR at the commissaries?

No. All Commissary purchases made with MILITARY STAR will earn two points per dollar.

Can customers apply for MILITARY STAR at the commissaries?

No. Customers may visit their local exchange to apply for MILITARY STAR, or they can apply online at

Can customers make payments on their MILITARY STAR accounts at the commissaries?

No. Customers may visit their local exchange or make a payment online at

Can customers use their MILITARY STAR Rewards Cards at the commissaries?

No. Rewards cards can be redeemed anywhere exchange gift cards are accepted, including any exchange location and online at and Commissaries do not accept exchange gift cards or reward cards at this time.

Does the 10% first-day purchase discount apply to DeCA purchases?

Yes. Any purchase made with MILITARY STAR the first day will receive the 10% discount.

When is the rollout schedule for the MILITARY STAR card?

The Fort Lee Commissary, Virginia, began accepting the MILITARY STAR card on Oct. 3 in the first pilot phase of the roll out. Acceptance will be subsequently expanded throughout DeCA with 25 additional commissaries accepting the MILITARY STAR card in two subsequent pilot phases. The card will transition to the remaining DeCA’s stores in stages until the rollout is complete on Nov. 9. Go to the rollout schedule page for specific dates and stores.

Whom should customers contact with questions?

Customers can call the Customer Contact Center at 1-877-891-7827.

Will customers earn MILITARY STAR rewards points at the commissaries?

Yes! Just like at exchange facilities, customers will earn two points for every dollar spent at the commissaries when using MILITARY STAR.

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