Donating Commissary Goods

How can I send a care package to a service member?

You can find useful links and other information about sending care packages here.

I'm planning to hold a fund-raising event for a very worthy cause.   Can the commissary donate some food items to support this event?

Commissaries are prohibited by law and regulation from donating any Government–owned property or money to any individual or organization with one exception: food that would otherwise be destroyed as unusable, unmarketable, and unsellable, but has been certified as edible by an appropriate food inspection technician may be donated to charitable entities as designated by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Health and Human Services; a chapter or other local unit of a recognized national veterans organization that provides services to persons without adequate shelter and is designated by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; or a not–for–profit organization that provides care for homeless veterans and is designated by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

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